L’oreal Revitalift Eye Cream & Night Cream

Another skin care review…
Back then I already did a review about L’oreal moisturizers, the Hydra Fresh and White Perfect series, you can check it here

Right now I want to do a review from the Revitalift line, which is for the aging treatment series.

The first one is the Revitalift Double Eye Lift eye cream.
The packaging is made of plastic, it’s very light weight and easy to bring with.


It use two pumps because the white one for under eye and the red one is for eyelid. I squeeze it one by one though, not all together at the same time, but I do MIX these two together before apply it to my under eye and eyelid. Somehow I don’t really like the feeling of the red gel itself if it’s not mix with the white cream on my eyelid.

Texture of the cream is a bit thick but bleandable, the texture of the gel is… like a gel (what else can I type?).
This eye cream is hydrating enough especially when I’m wearing make up, it maintain the hydration because usually my under eye suddenly looks so dry after putting on make up on my under eye area.


For the face product, I choose the Revitalift Laser X3 Night Cream-Mask, to me, it looks like a reguler night cream and that’s what I usually use of it, as a night cream.
The packaging is made of thick glass jar and seriously HEAVY, not travel friendly, should move it to a smaller and lighter jar for travel.


Texture, it looks like PUDDING!!
I don’t think it’s the most suitable word to call it but it really reminds me of a slightly-melting-pudding.
It always back to be a flat surface, eventho I dig it quite deep or mess it up.

The performance is great for all night hydration, eventho it feels a bit greasy for quite a while, better keep on tapping it on skin while waiting for it to be absorbed (I suggest do not directly sleep and placing your face on pillow before it absorbed by the skin properly).

To be honest I don’t really like tge smell of the Revitalift line, but I do really like the smell from White Perfect and Hydra Fresh line.


It has an inner lid, but sometimes it could be troublesome, and I usually ended up toss it somewhere else. 😄

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it usefull.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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