The Saem Snail Snoothing Gel

Hello everyone. It’s time for skin care review. I’ve been loving moisturizer gel lately, eventho I’m still not letting go of moisturizer cream. I got this product in Sogo for IDR 149K, it’s a Korean brand named The Saem.

Usually soothing gel like this mostly from aloe vera extract, but this is from snail extract, as I remember the name of the snail “thing” is called Galactomyces.

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Here’s the look of it (I don’t like the snail picture on it though).



Packaging :
It’s a bulky 300ml container, it’s quite cheap for that much amount of product. It is made of quite thick plastic, with dark brown color, it’s still a see-through packaging, so you can see how much the product’s left without opening it.

Texture :
Gel texture, transparent, light fresh smell, easy to spread and absorb (especially if you keep on patting the product on your skin, it absorb faster).

Perform :
It doesn’t leave a sticky feeling, quite moisturizing as a base before makeup, you can double layer the product for more hydration.

This size able to last around 4-5 months for me. I use it everyday in the morning and night.

Without flash :


With flash :


Overall this is a good alternatives for skincare routine considering the jumbo size, eventho it’s not convenient for travel, but you can always use a smaller jar for travelling, and this bulky size for at-home-use only.

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it usefull.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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