Catrice Prime & Fine + Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder

Back again guys!! Now with make up named Catrice. I saw this on Guardian (again), I thought the price would be similar with Maybelline/Revlon/Wet n Wild, but apparently this is CHEAPER!! 😨😱

If I’m not mistaken, each of these two cost me around 6 dollars.
I tried SO HARD not to do sweepstakes, hahaha. 😄😄


I decided to buy primer and bronzer, I actually want to try two primers, the white and green, but the green one is sold out :twisted:.


I like the packaging, sleek slim tube with twist cap. Easy to bring because it’s not bulky or heavy, and it’s 30ml, not 15ml or 20ml.

Texture is like a lotion, no smell, feels moist on skin and easy to spread.

Eventhough the colour is white, but it turns into a transparent. I don’t find this primer helps control the oil, but it’s quite good keep the make up last a little longer.



Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder in Darker Skin. I choose the darker one because the lighter one looks too soft and light (Think of it, I can use that one as a face powder 😄).

This bronzer is matte, brown without too orangey or reddish or greyish. It’s warm tone.


Texture is not powdery, but quite pigmented, I use duo fibre brush or synthetic fluffy brush to apply.

It has smell and quite noticable, if you don’t like smell on beauty products, you might a bit bothered by this.

I like the result, it’s buildable and looks natural on skin.


That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading

Reynata M.S.