Ecotools Blending and Bronzing + Eye Enhancing Duo Set.

Hey guys, back again with make up tools review. A few weeks ago I bought these brushes (because I’m curious). I decided to buy face brush and eye brushes.

The first one is Ecotools Blending and Bronzing brush. It’s duo fibre, synthetic vegan bristles. It’s quite dense, I decided to try it with powder and liquid products.


It’s duo fibre so I try to use it in stippling motion, aaand it’s pricky 😭.
I use it for Liquid foundation, it works but it’s just the foundation not as flawless as if I’m using other dense non-duo fibre brush or sponge. I don’t like to use this for liquid/cream products.

Next attempt I try to use it for setting powder, bronzer, and to blend blusher. It works really well, eventhough I prefer to swipe rather than stipple. I mostly use it for these 3 purposes.


The ferrule made of recycled aluminium and the handle made of recycled bamboo. I saw a tan line here 😄.


The handle and ferrule is sturdy. It’s a bit heavy because the brush is quite big.
Back then, the name is not just printed, but also carved on the tip of the handle.


When I wash this brush, if I use brush guard then it will take longer time to dry. So I wrap it with tissue, and it dry faster.

Next brush is Ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Set.
Dual ended brush, 4 brushes in two.

One brush is angled liner/Define and medium shader brush/Shade.
The other one is smudger/Smudge and blending/Blend brush.


I use the Smudge to line/contour my nose, and use the Blend for blending the contour.

I use the Shade for applying eyeshadow all over the lid.

I use the Define to set my eyeliner with dark eyeshadow (this brush a bit too thick for gel liner), sometimes I also use it for placing the eyeshadow on outer lower lashline.
I use it for crease too, and then blend it with shader or blending.


This dual ended eye brushes is very light, unlike the bronzing brush which is quite heavy, these two feels so light if also compared with other eye brushes.

Downside is I cannot put these eye brushes into a cup, so I lay it flat, this also happens after wash it, I lay it flat, wrap it with tissue.

These brushes is really versatile for travellers who wants to bring make up tools but keep it as minimum as possible.
It will be better if we also bring Color Switch (remember Vera Mona and the dupes?).

Overall, some Ecotools brushes are very good quality with affordable price, but I prefer the single brush, or at least the 4 or 5 or 6 piece set and this enhancing duo.
While other sets are not very attractive to me (personal preference, I don’t know about the quality but the appearance is just not my taste 😋).

That’s my quick review, hope you guys find it usefull.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.