Foreo Luna Mini 2 Midnight.

A few months ago, I finally decided to get one of Foreo. When I check Sephora store I saw this Foreo Luna Mini 2 and black colour is available. Unfortunately this one is not on sale :(.


Anyway, here’s what I thought about this cleansing tool. I know this thing is not cheap, I can get a cellphone with the same price (even my phone is cheaper than my Foreo!! 😅).

This thing cost me around $200. I got a Luna Mini 2 inside a transparent plastic case. Luna mini version not include box, unlike the Luna or Luna 2.
USB Cable right underneath the Luna inside a box with manual book and guarantee card.


The size is medium/average, not too big like Foreo Luna and not too small like Foreo Go/Play.

Luna Mini 2 have option for the vibration, it has 8 level of vibration’s power as I remember, but I usually use the Lowest.
The previous version, Luna Mini only have on and off power button, without + and – button.



It is made of silicone including the bristles, no replacement brush head needed. Luna Mini 2 for all skin type.
Larger area with smaller bristles for all over the face, usually for dry to normal skin.
Smaller area with larger/biggest bristles at the top for around the nose or big pores.
Bigger bristles at the back for oily part of the face, or for oily skin.


Serial numbers at the bottom, and the USB cable. I use my cellphone adapter to charge this. When it’s charged, the LED lamp at down below the product will blinking, and it stop blinking when the battery is fully charged.


I put the cable inside the plastic case, I don’t want it to be “gone somewhere” just because I forgot where I put it. I don’t know where to buy the USB cable IF maybe/just in case the cable is broken, or lost, or something else. I don’t think Sephora sell it separately.


I usually use it twice a week, to remove the left over make up and dead skin cell without too much exfoliate the skin. I read the information from many source that Foreo is also a soft exfoliating tools.

I try my best not to push Foreo too hard on my face, I just make the Foreo have a contact with my face and then move it around all over the face.

Do it in section, I started with my right cheek first, when I feel the “sudden-quick-stop” of the vibration  (before it’s continue to vibrating again), that’s a signal to move to another section of the face.

When 3 times short vibrations is coming, it means the end of the process.
As I remember it’s divided for 4 sections. After 3 time short vibrations I turn it off, and then turn it on again because I usually haven’t work on my nose area.
Sometimes I use it on my neck too.

Around the forehead, the vibration somehow feels harder, maybe because less fat/meat there. 😄
If you have migrain or similar symptoms, be careful while doing the forehead area.

Overall I like this cleansing tools, eventhough I want the Luna 2 Purple/Lavender too which have a softer bristles for sensitive skin, but it is so PRICEY!! :'(😭

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.