Ponds Dewy Rose Cream and Gel

Hey guys, Happy February, may you get much love from people around you 😘.

Now, I’m about to share new products on my skincare regime. I’ve tried this for several weeks, and I kinda like it.

It’s a new line of moisturizer from Ponds, Dewy Rose Series.
Let’s start!

Ponds Dewy Rose Cream.
I bought this on Guardian (because it’s on sale), I decided to buy this because I’ve tried the Gel one and I like it. At first I thought the texture is gonna be cream with jelly feel-texture-kinda-thing, but it’s not.
It’s more to a cream that not so thick but doesn’t have jelly texture.
Not as easy as the Gel version to be spread all over the face.
It has SPF 30 PA+++.

The Scent is not a strong rose scent. Have a slightly minty sensation when applied.
Moisturizing, and give “brightening” effect as if I’m wearing CC Cream.
It can be use as a base before makeup (like what CC Cream made for). The cream’s color is white, if you didn’t blend it well, you might ended up with white cream in your face 👻.

The packaging, frosted glass jar with reflecting rose color cap, eventhough it’s made from glass but it isn’t heavy (unlike the very thick and heavy glass of Loreal).
It has an inner lid to prevent leaking.





PONDS Dewy Rose GEL.
I bought this mini size on Indomaret Minimarket nearby my place. I tried it and I fell in love with it 😍.

The full size have the same packaging as the Cream, but I haven’t take a photo of it, will post it soon, sorry 😚😅.

Here’s the picture 🙂


👆 CREAM —– GEL 👆

The scent is a bit different than the Cream version, the Gel version have a softer scent in my opinion.

Texture is jelly (of course) and silica, it helps the skin feels smoother, jelly texture makes it easier to spread. The color also rose, not white.

I use it to mix my foundation too, 1:1 or sometimes 1:2 when I want more coverage. It gives a smoother result!! I reeeeeaally love it!! 😍😍

This one contains no SPF so I can use is it as a night cream too. For daytime I prefer using separate Sunscreen.



That’s all for my quick review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.