Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 920 Game of Stones

Makeup Review!! 🙂

It’s a brand from Germany named Catrice. I’ve tried their brow pencil, brow powder and highlighter (?) pencil too, I haven’t review it , I only did review on their primer and bronzer Catrice Bronzer and Primer, I might do it later, but now I want to do a review about their matt(e) single eyeshadow.


Love the name, remind me to HBO movie series Game of Thrones 😍.
As I remember, most of the single eyeshadows are matte, or maybe all of them are matte (not sure).

I got this on drugstore around 4 dollars, so affordable 😘.



The reason I choose this shade is because I want to use it for my eyebrows and also for my lashline (I’m not so into eyeliner, they’re too bold and sometimes expired easily and my eyes just can’t handle that).


It’a cool toned gray/grey, a bit of ash in it. For brows or contour, cool tone suits me better, but for foundation and lip colour, warm tone suits me better.

The texture a bit chalky if I rub it too much, so I usually build it up until the desire amount of opacity.
It is quite pigmented, but not as pigmented as Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette


I use double ended Crown Brush to do my brows with it, glide on and build up easily, and then brush it with spoolie to make it look more natural. Sometimes I put brow mascara on top to keep it stay in place all day (of course without naughty fingers rubbing the brows throughout the day 😚).

That’s all for my quick review.
Hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.