Mystic Messenger Theme Song Lyrics

(I just got your messages)

Achimeul kae euneun gwi ye iksukkan naye beksori

Musimkyoreu chagaun soneul ppeodeo

Jinanbam serokkhae ironan ireun mowa itneunji

Ottomyeon teo neo e gwanan iyagi

Gibeuneun eotteonji seoro anbeureul jugo beodettae

Susanghan nae moseub aracha beorrika

Maldo deji ahneun nongdam geoliman neul leono daga

Sangsanghae hwanhage utgo itneun neo

(Jaekkhajakk heulloman ganeun sigan seogeso)

Jeonagil babo chorom sone notchae motthae

Meomchun sigan sog teolyeo otneun jigeum

Jeonagopeun geuljaman memdora

Did you get mysterious messages?

Sajin sog ijeul su obneun neo

Aegjeong soge bichin naye moseub

Neoneum ushim aji anha

Did you get mysterious messages?

Geu ane gamcheodun nae maeum chajanni?

Noreul jikyeo beogeo isseo


(I just got your messages)

Every morning I wake up to the same sweet sound

Picking up my cellphone that’s been ringing /ringring (?)

Wondering what’s new? What have I missed? I was offline

Anyway I end up hearing your story

How are you doing today?

Same questions every single day

Please know that I’m not good at asking you

Your face lights up laughing from the jokes I’ve made

You would never guess that I am suspicious

(Tick tock time is running out, what are you doing now?)

I don’t now where you are, don’t even know your name

They think I’m crazy, my heartbeat goes up

Words cannot express my love for you

Did you get mysterious messages?

It’s a piece of the puzzle

The letters are the only clues to solving hidden mysteries

Did you get mysterious messages?

If you can feel the trace that is me call me out

I’ve been watching you from the start


Review Peripera Pearly Night Cushion

Hello everyone.

Time to review base makeup.

This Peripera cushion is limited edition in late 2017. I tried to get shade number 3 but no one sell it online at that time, so I managed to get my hands on shade number 2 instead.

Moving on to the packaging.

It looks adorable, it also reminds me to my pencil case long long time ago back when I was in elementary school.

On top of the lid they put on water and glittery things (and some of them in star shape) inside a clear external lid.

The cushion puff is really soft and feels thicker than other common cushion puff. Bouncy experience is definitely a plus.

Coverage wise, it is medium coverage (at least for me). I use it just in tiny amount, usually only one or two taps (on cushion sponge) for all over my face. If I put on more than two taps usually it will look a bit cakey (and gets lighter too).

Texture, it is a bit thick but still easy to blend.

Shade, number 2 is a bit too light on me (light-medium skintone). I usually put it on my neck either.

I don’t usually bring this along with me, afraid of I might broke the top lid.

I got this cushion for about 10$ . I bought it online.

Thank you so much for reading.

Hope you guys find it useful.

Reynata M.S.

The Face Shop BB Power Perfection Cushion V203 Review

Hello, welcome back to my blog. So, today I will do a review about bb cushion, which I’ve only done one review so far.
Since I got some cushions now, I will do a review one by one after a few months of use.

This one, as I typed it down on the title, is a Korean brand named The Face Shop, this brand is quite famous, so most of beauty junkies usually quite familiar with this brand. It cost me around 14 dollars.

Okay, so here’s the look of the classic packaging (which is the thing that draw my attention and made me buy it 😁).


Glossy black and gold colour (yeah, glossy, fingerprints everywhere), I think the material is still plastic but somehow looks more sturdy than any other cushion with plastic material, and this one is slightly heavier too.


It is replaceable refill, a bit bulky, not as thin as Innisfree or Etude House cushion (the newer versions).
I bought this around 15 dollars, in shade V203 which is the darkest, BUT… apparently this shade is still a bit too light on light-medium skintone. There’s also a bit of greyish undertone to it.


Nice and sleek, love the mirror too. It feels luxurious when I hold it.
If the pale yellow part inside is changed into a gold colour like the outer part, it will be more luxurious than ever.


Oh, wait, now come to think of it, it looks like the outer part is also using other material other than plastic, slightly metal I guess, maybe that’s why it feels a bit heavy.


This is the product, looks like it’s a dark beige colour? Nope, it’s because of the lighting with yellow tone to it, so the result is a bit different than the real one. Sorry for that, but if I didn’t use that lamp, the picture looks awful with those low light and stuffs.


Now to the product, it brightens, it gives glow, but a bit pale-looking-skin.
I usually use it on my neck too since it’s lighter than my skintone.

Coverage is sheer to medium, doesn’t really cover dark acne scars or dark circles, or even eye bags (as you can see on a pictures below).



Staying power is long enough in a room temperature, but if I’m sweating quite a lot, when I blot it with tissue, quite a lot of products transfer (even when I set it with powder after applying makeup).

+ Classic, pretty, elegant, luxurious packaging.
+ Affordable price.
+ Quite easy to find.
+ Staying power is quite good.

– The shade option is very limited and mostly too light.
– The packaging is a bit heavy and bulky compare to other cushion.
– Slightly greyish undertone.
– Transfer quite much when sweating.

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

LG Magna review

Hello, welcome back, today I want to do something a bit different than I would usually do in my blog. I decided to do a review about a smartphone, I already use it for about more than 2 years, actually I also wanted to review my other phone before this one but unfortunately I sell that one out a long time ago.

So here it is, LG Magna, I bought this around November 2015. Dual simcard, one sdcard slot.
Internal memory 8GB, with external memory slot.

For the detail of the specs, I think I will put that at the end of this post, I forgot I haven’t copy that information from their website, will update that later.

Anyway, here’s the look of the phone. The images are from LG website. I pick the gold one. They have 3 colours, Gold – White – Dark Grey.



It slightly curve at the top and bottom, and that makes the camera and the speaker are free from scratch if I put it on the table (for example).


But, the volume and power button position is a bit annoying, I regularly touch my camera lense when I try to push the volume button, and also because I love to take screenshot which is using power and volume down button (press and hold for a second and then release), the position makes me press my camera lens quite often, eventho after that I realised that it’s camera not a volume button, so I didn’t press it that hard, so my camera is still fine.

Speaker, the quality is quite good, eventho I think it’s not the best, but considering the price which is cost me around 150 dollars, I think it’s not too bad.
Since the phone’s body is curvy, when I lay my phone flat on a table, there’s a gap between table and speaker, so that makes the speaker still able to “speak” properly.

Curvy body, makes it unstable if I play around with it on a table with one hand touching the screen, the phone keeps turning around when I drag the screen, and also jumpy when I click on the bottom and top part of the screen.

Camera, it has front and rear camera.
Some photos in different lighting and places.



The camera can capture the image quite properly but mostly it looks quite dark. When I click the focus on the object, the lighting could be brighter or darker, I don’t know why but the camera make those decision, not me.



Sometimes I use this for taking photos of products in my room because I don’t have ring lights or some kind of things like that.
It still can focus on the object but darker on the outer part of the frame, remind me to vignette.



This picture was taken inside a shopping mall, it looks good with proper lighting, eventho sometimes it can be a bit washed-out (is it the right term? Correct me if I’m wrong :D).



For outdoor photos but with soft sunshine , it looks great, I really like it, the bokeh effect also works quite well there (the plants behind the object feels a bit bokeh, right?).

When the sun is shining so bright, it’s a bit too bright because sunrays give too much lights on the object (people also usually squinting their eyes in this kind of situation , if they’re not wearing sunglasses).

Here is the bird eye view shot.






The issue is when I took a picture of an object in up close, the camera cannot focus on the object properly, it keeps on focus on the background.

I usually put the object around 30cm from the camera so that it can focus on the object.
It’s a bit annoying when I’m taking pictures of ingredient list, I prefer close up photo for ingredients so that it will be easier to read, but my camera cannot focus :'(. While my old phone can focus in a very up close photo, I just need to touch the focus button on screen on the object, and it’s done just in a split second.

Screen sensitivity is good, quite responsive.
I don’t have any issue about the screen. Even my screen guard is still flawless. 😎

The other issue that I have is, the internal memory.
Because it’s only 8GB, phone system already takes up about 3.4GB, so I’m only have 4.6GB left.
I love to use quite lots of apps, I did move it to the sdcard if it’s able to be moved (eventho some of it is still on internal memory of course).

If it’s under around 350MB left, it cannot sync email. So, I cannot receive new email if it’s  under 350MB.

Also, 1GB of RAM with “dying” internal memory also freeze up my phone quite often.
Usually that happens when I’m playing games and the phone memory is under 350MB.

So, for a regular user, if they only need for phone call, sms, chatting apps, rarely take photos or videos, then it’s a good option with a friendly budget.

But for a user with lots of apps installed, take photos or videos quite a lot with many kinds of shots, gamers, wants a fast multitasking phone, then this will not be a good option.


Details from LG website :

Discontinued Product

Key Features

Capacity / Type 2,540mAh / Li-ion
DoU1.0 Days↑

Main8MP AF

Baseband1.5GHz Quad

Receiver/Speaker1206 / 1511 (1W)
# of mic.2

ResolutionHD (1280×720)

Internal RAM1.0GB LPDDR3
Internal ROM8GB
ExternalSDHC (up to 32GB)

2GGSM 850/900/1800/1900
3GHSDPA+ 42Mbps / HSUPA+ 5.76Mbps B1, B8
4GCSFB B3, B7, B8, B28


LG Magna website


Okay, that’s all for my quick review about LG Magna.
Hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

Nivea Lip Balm Essential Care / Original Care

Hello guys, apa kabar semuanya?

Lama hiatus nih, hehe, by the way kalian dulu pernah nyobain Nivea Lip balm yang biru essential itu kan?

Nah beberapa waktu lalu aku beli lagi yang keluaran sekarang, seingatku lip balm ini sempet hilang dari peredaran gitu, yang mejeng di rak biasanya cuma yang versi buah-buahan aja.

Check my old review

right here guys!!

Setelah eksis kembali di pasaran, kubeli deh si biru ini (bukan si api biru yang idola para ibu itu ya).

Harganya sekarang kalo nggak salah sekitar 27 ribu atau 30 ribu.


Versi lama tulisannya Essential Care, versi baru tulisannya Original care.

Setelah kuperhatikan pekejingnya, kok agak beda tulisannya.

Kulihat bagian dalamnya (produknya) juga tidak terlalu milky white seperti dulu, bagian tengahnya kayak agak kekuningan melingkar gitu.


Setelah kucoba beberapa minggu, soal efektifnya masih sama seperti versi yang lama, namun yang versi baru ini stick lip balmnya ga gampang lembek, kalau yang versi lama kan baru seminggu dua minggu langsung benyek miring jembret sana sini.

Mungkin kapan hari ketika hiatus, pihak R&D Nivea sedang merumuskan formula baru kali ya supaya ga mudah benyek (maaf jika saya nebak-nebak, hahaha).

Jumlah berat netto nya masih sama, 4.8 gram / 5 ml. Mudah dioles ke bibir, melembabkan bibir dengan baik, mudah dan nyaman untuk dibawa-bawa karena ukurannya kecil dan bobotnya ringan.


Biasanya aku pakai malam sebelum tidur dan beberapa saat sebelum pakai make up.

Overall, it works really well, I love it, I do still like it like I used to be. Akan repurchase saat sudah habis.

Sekian review singkat dari saya.

Semoga bermanfaat dan berfaedah.

Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

Review Silicone Sponge and Beauty Blender

Hello guys. So, the reason why I review two make up tools is because I want to compare the Silicone Sponge (Silisponge) who’ve become hitz recently.

I compare it with Beauty Blender (BB) because BB is still the king of make up tool (as I knew), even when there are lots of great dupes out there.

I decided to bought Silisponge recently, not the pioneer one, it considered as the dupe, but it’s the pure flexible silicone, not the stiff plasticky one.

Okay, here is the look of them :


I choose the clear silisponge with colourful glitters in it. It cost me around 5 dollars, while BB cost me around 20 dollars.

Some people said that some of silisponge dupes are stiff and not flexible at all, because too much plastic in it.
While mine is nothing like that at all. It’s flexible and the texture feels like jelly (bouncy and able to be folded).


I use BB on the right part of my face and Silisponge on the other side. The result is surprisingly similar :mrgreen:. (No filter and no beauty apps, sorry for the dark circles and anything there 😌😅).


Here is the result using Beauty Blender :


Here is the result using Silicone Sponge :


Pros Silicone Sponge :
+ Easy to use
+ Easy to clean
+ Hygienic
+ Flawless result
+ Not absorb product
+ Affordable pricetag

Pros Beauty Blender :
+ Easy to use
+ Flawless result
+ Easy to get into hard to reach area

Cons Silicone Sponge :
– Cannot really reach the curve at the side of nose
– The grip of holding it might be not really comfortable for some people considering the shape is flat

Cons Beauty Blender :
– Pricey
– Have to wet it in prior before use (for best result)
– Absorb product
– A bit hard to clean

That’s all for my quick review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

Crystal Body Deodorant Roll-On


Hey guys, this time my review is about deodorant. I’ve tried this product back in 2013 as I remember. I usually have a bad relationship with deodorant that I bought in minimarket or supermarket, but this one is different, it doesn’t irritate my skin, reduce and neutralize body odor without leaving any stain on clothes.


Cruelty free, save for sensitive skin, and Endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers.
It claims that it’s using mineral salt.


They have 3 types, solid rock, roll-on, and spray.
The variants are original (purple), pomegranate (red), lavender & white tea (blue/dark purple), chamomile & green tea (yellow), and vanilla jasmine (green).
It cost around 10 dollars for 66ml.


My favourite is the Original, no scent. I usually use it after having a shower, wait until it dries on my skin and then use my clothes.
I also wipe the excess around the roll-on to prevent the “flakiness” of the product around it.

CRYSTAL Deodorant Roll On

No Aluminum Chlorohydrate
Natural Protection
Fragrance & Paraben Free
Safe for the Environment
Endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers

Natural Deodorant Protection: Crystal Body Deodorant is made of Natural Minerals Salts which prevent body odor by creating an invisible protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria. It is non-sticky, non-staining, leaves no white residue and can be used by both men and women.

Must be applied to clean skin.

Water/aqua, potassium alum (natural mineral salts), cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, benzoic acid, zinc gluconate.


The red pomegranate smells a bit fruity, a bit citrus-y (?), I don’t really like this smell, but it works well though.

Purified water (aqua), potassium alum (natural mineral salts), natural fragrance made with essential oils and extracts, cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, benzoic acid, zinc gluconate.


The blue-purple lavender smells like palm fruit (in my country it’s called “kolang kaling”).
I love the scent, not so strong, the scent is quite relaxing.

Crystal essence Lavender & White Tea, made of natural mineral salts and infused with relaxing aromas of lavender and white tea, creates an invisible protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria. Lavender, known as an anti-inflammatory and white tea, as a natural relaxant, please rather than overpower the senses. Crystal essence is long-lasting, non-sticky, non-staining and leaves no white residue.

Purified water (aqua), potassium alum (natural mineral salts), natural fragrance made with essential oils and extracts, cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, benzoic acid, zinc gluconate.

No animal testing


I want to try other variants too, the yellow and green.

I’ve tried the solid rock one before but I don’t really like it because I have to wet the top of it before apply it on my skin, and when I drop it, it cracked, turn into sharp rock, so it’s impossible for me to use it again.

The spray version can be use for feet (deodorant for feet), or for smelly shoes.

You can check their website

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.