Foreo Luna Mini 2 Midnight.

A few months ago, I finally decided to get one of Foreo. When I check Sephora store I saw this Foreo Luna Mini 2 and black colour is available. Unfortunately this one is not on sale :(.


Anyway, here’s what I thought about this cleansing tool. I know this thing is not cheap, I can get a cellphone with the same price (even my phone is cheaper than my Foreo!! 😅).

This thing cost me around $200. I got a Luna Mini 2 inside a transparent plastic case. Luna mini version not include box, unlike the Luna or Luna 2.
USB Cable right underneath the Luna inside a box with manual book and guarantee card.


The size is medium/average, not too big like Foreo Luna and not too small like Foreo Go/Play.

Luna Mini 2 have option for the vibration, it has 8 level of vibration’s power as I remember, but I usually use the Lowest.
The previous version, Luna Mini only have on and off power button, without + and – button.



It is made of silicone including the bristles, no replacement brush head needed. Luna Mini 2 for all skin type.
Larger area with smaller bristles for all over the face, usually for dry to normal skin.
Smaller area with larger/biggest bristles at the top for around the nose or big pores.
Bigger bristles at the back for oily part of the face, or for oily skin.


Serial numbers at the bottom, and the USB cable. I use my cellphone adapter to charge this. When it’s charged, the LED lamp at down below the product will blinking, and it stop blinking when the battery is fully charged.


I put the cable inside the plastic case, I don’t want it to be “gone somewhere” just because I forgot where I put it. I don’t know where to buy the USB cable IF maybe/just in case the cable is broken, or lost, or something else. I don’t think Sephora sell it separately.


I usually use it twice a week, to remove the left over make up and dead skin cell without too much exfoliate the skin. I read the information from many source that Foreo is also a soft exfoliating tools.

I try my best not to push Foreo too hard on my face, I just make the Foreo have a contact with my face and then move it around all over the face.

Do it in section, I started with my right cheek first, when I feel the “sudden-quick-stop” of the vibration  (before it’s continue to vibrating again), that’s a signal to move to another section of the face.

When 3 times short vibrations is coming, it means the end of the process.
As I remember it’s divided for 4 sections. After 3 time short vibrations I turn it off, and then turn it on again because I usually haven’t work on my nose area.
Sometimes I use it on my neck too.

Around the forehead, the vibration somehow feels harder, maybe because less fat/meat there. 😄
If you have migrain or similar symptoms, be careful while doing the forehead area.

Overall I like this cleansing tools, eventhough I want the Luna 2 Purple/Lavender too which have a softer bristles for sensitive skin, but it is so PRICEY!! :'(😭

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

Catrice Prime & Fine + Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder

Back again guys!! Now with make up named Catrice. I saw this on Guardian (again), I thought the price would be similar with Maybelline/Revlon/Wet n Wild, but apparently this is CHEAPER!! 😨😱

I tried SO HARD not to do sweepstakes, hahaha. 😄😄


I decided to buy primer and bronzer, I actually want to try two primers, the white and green, but the green one is sold out :twisted:.


I like the packaging, sleek slim tube with twist cap. Easy to bring because it’s not bulky or heavy, and it’s 30ml, not 15ml or 20ml.

Texture is like a lotion, no smell, feels moist on skin and easy to spread.

Eventhough the colour is white, but it turns into a transparent. I don’t find this primer helps control the oil, but it’s quite good keep the make up last a little longer.



Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder in Darker Skin. I choose the darker one because the lighter one looks too soft and light (Think of it, I can use that one as a face powder 😄).

This bronzer is matte, brown without too orangey or reddish or greyish. It’s warm tone.


Texture is not powdery, but quite pigmented, I use duo fibre brush or synthetic fluffy brush to apply.

It has smell and quite noticable, if you don’t like smell on beauty products, you might a bit bothered by this.

I like the result, it’s buildable and looks natural on skin.


That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading

Reynata M.S.

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Ultimate Serum

Hello again. Skin care review again. I saw this cute serum of Garnier at Guardian. I don’t even know yet whether this product suits my skin or not, I just want to buy it because the appearance is cute!
Hahaha, I know, sounds so lame 😜.


It has a lifting pump (?), usually the pump using straw inside, but this type is the bottom keep going up when we use it. One pump is enough for all over the face and neck.


The serum’s colour is sakura pink with white pearls. I prefer blend it on my fingers before apply it to my face.

Texture is very light jelly-feel-kinda-thing. It’s easy to spread, the scent also soft, I don’t know if it’s a sakura’s scent or not because I’ve never smell it before 😙.


Ingredients :


It doesn’t break me out too.
That’s all for my quick review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanjs for reading.

Reynata M.S

Wardah lightening + New Cell day cream

Selamat pagi, eh siang semuanya…
Ketemu lagi dengan saya, dan saya akan bahas skin care lagi. Bagi saya icip-icip skincare itu bagai icip-icip permen.

Kali ini saya ingin bahas dua skin care lokal yang menurut saya produknya terasa mirip, yaitu Wardah dan New Cell day cream.


Shall we begin? (Ceileh sok nginggris 😝).
Kita mulai dari New Cell dulu ya. New Cell ini ternyata produk dari PT.Gloria… (lupa lanjutannya), dulunya ngluarin make up merk apaaaa gitu (lupa lagi merk-nya).

Nuansanya herbal karena warnanya hijau putih gitu, meski nggak herbal juga sebenarnya claim produknya (hanya sugesti saya aja terhadap warna hijau) :mrgreen:☺.

Pekejingnya New Cell terbuat dari plastik biasa, dengan lapisan plastik untuk print merk dan tulisan dll.

Pekejing Wardah step 2 kali ini yang say beli bentuk tube. Kalo yang step 1 dulu bentuk jar, dan plastik seperti New Cell juga.


Warna dan tekstur produk antara Wardah dan New Cell mirip pake banget, thick jelly-cream dan agak lengket, dan menyerap dengan sempurnanya agak lama.

Hanya saja Wardah aromanya seperti permen , kalau New Cell aromanya… aroma pelembab (?).


Untuk harga hampir sama, sekitaran 30-40an ribu Rupiah.
Isinya sekitar 20-30 gram.

Untuk yang ga suka pake make up (setelah skin care langsung cusss tanpa make up), tidak masalah untuk pakai pelembab ini dan biarkan pelembabnya teresap hingga sempurna dengan sendirinya.

Namun untuk yang akan memakai make up setelah skin care, kurang disarankan kecuali ada cukup banyak waktu untuk menunggu pelembabnya hingga terserap sempurna.

Maaf jika terlalu banyak kata “sempurna” yang terketik di sini 😄.

Sekian review dari saya. Semoga bermanfaat dan berfaedah.
Terima kasih sudah mampir dan membaca.

Reynata M.S.

Ecotools Blending and Bronzing + Eye Enhancing Duo Set.

Hey guys, back again with make up tools review. A few weeks ago I bought these brushes (because I’m curious). I decided to buy face brush and eye brushes.

The first one is Ecotools Blending and Bronzing brush. It’s duo fibre, synthetic vegan bristles. It’s quite dense, I decided to try it with powder and liquid products.


It’s duo fibre so I try to use it in stippling motion, aaand it’s pricky 😭.
I use it for Liquid foundation, it works but it’s just the foundation not as flawless as if I’m using other dense non-duo fibre brush or sponge. I don’t like to use this for liquid/cream products.

Next attempt I try to use it for setting powder, bronzer, and to blend blusher. It works really well, eventhough I prefer to swipe rather than stipple. I mostly use it for these 3 purposes.


The ferrule made of recycled aluminium and the handle made of recycled bamboo. I saw a tan line here 😄.


The handle and ferrule is sturdy. It’s a bit heavy because the brush is quite big.
Back then, the name is not just printed, but also carved on the tip of the handle.


When I wash this brush, if I use brush guard then it will take longer time to dry. So I wrap it with tissue, and it dry faster.

Next brush is Ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Set.
Dual ended brush, 4 brushes in two.

One brush is angled liner/Define and medium shader brush/Shade.
The other one is smudger/Smudge and blending/Blend brush.


I use the Smudge to line/contour my nose, and use the Blend for blending the contour.

I use the Shade for applying eyeshadow all over the lid.

I use the Define to set my eyeliner with dark eyeshadow (this brush a bit too thick for gel liner), sometimes I also use it for placing the eyeshadow on outer lower lashline.
I use it for crease too, and then blend it with shader or blending.


This dual ended eye brushes is very light, unlike the bronzing brush which is quite heavy, these two feels so light if also compared with other eye brushes.

Downside is I cannot put these eye brushes into a cup, so I lay it flat, this also happens after wash it, I lay it flat, wrap it with tissue.

These brushes is really versatile for travellers who wants to bring make up tools but keep it as minimum as possible.
It will be better if we also bring Color Switch (remember Vera Mona and the dupes?).

Overall, some Ecotools brushes are very good quality with affordable price, but I prefer the single brush, or at least the 4 or 5 or 6 piece set and this enhancing duo.
While other sets are not very attractive to me (personal preference, I don’t know about the quality but the appearance is just not my taste 😋).

That’s my quick review, hope you guys find it usefull.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

Ponds Dewy Rose Cream and Gel

Hey guys, Happy February, may you get much love from people around you 😘.

Now, I’m about to share new products on my skincare regime. I’ve tried this for several weeks, and I kinda like it.

It’s a new line of moisturizer from Ponds, Dewy Rose Series.
Let’s start!

Ponds Dewy Rose Cream.
I bought this on Guardian (because it’s on sale), I decided to buy this because I’ve tried the Gel one and I like it. At first I thought the texture is gonna be cream with jelly feel-texture-kinda-thing, but it’s not.
It’s more to a cream that not so thick but doesn’t have jelly texture.
Not as easy as the Gel version to be spread all over the face.
It has SPF 30 PA+++.

The Scent is not a strong rose scent. Have a slightly minty sensation when applied.
Moisturizing, and give “brightening” effect as if I’m wearing CC Cream.
It can be use as a base before makeup (like what CC Cream made for). The cream’s color is white, if you didn’t blend it well, you might ended up with white cream in your face 👻.

The packaging, frosted glass jar with reflecting rose color cap, eventhough it’s made from glass but it isn’t heavy (unlike the very thick and heavy glass of Loreal).
It has an inner lid to prevent leaking.





PONDS Dewy Rose GEL.
I bought this mini size on Indomaret Minimarket nearby my place. I tried it and I fell in love with it 😍.

The full size have the same packaging as the Cream, but I haven’t take a photo of it, will post it soon, sorry 😚😅.

Here’s the picture 🙂


👆 CREAM —– GEL 👆

The scent is a bit different than the Cream version, the Gel version have a softer scent in my opinion.

Texture is jelly (of course) and silica, it helps the skin feels smoother, jelly texture makes it easier to spread. The color also rose, not white.

I use it to mix my foundation too, 1:1 or sometimes 1:2 when I want more coverage. It gives a smoother result!! I reeeeeaally love it!! 😍😍

This one contains no SPF so I can use is it as a night cream too. For daytime I prefer using separate Sunscreen.



That’s all for my quick review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

My Beauty Story DD Mineral Loose Powder

Hai, hello semuanya. Saat ini saya akan mereview salah satu bedak merk lokal yang mengusung konsep packaging korea, namanya My Beauty Story, yang ternyata satu manajemen dengan Moko Moko. Lisensi Korea, diproduksi di Indonesia.

Saya beli bedak ini di Guardian, harganya sekitar 80ribu. Well, cukup mahal juga ya untuk sebuah loose powder kalo dipikir-pikir. Hahaha. Tapi untungnya saya ga sampe khilaf beli loose powder yang macam Laura Mercier, 😄.

Packaging, simpel namun kesan imutnya dapat, peach girly gitu, gambarnya juga cukup menarik tanpa harus terlalu ramai.

Bahan plastik jadi ringan, namun cukup kokoh. Tutupnya puteran, ada inner lid untuk sekat antara bedak dan puff-nya.


Puff-nya agak tipis tp cukup halus (puff-nya brand Jepang yg dijual di mall itu malah terasa agak lebih kasar menurutku), hanya saja pita pegangan puff-nya diameternya agak kecil, jd mau nyisipin 2 jari kelonggaran, kalo nyisipin 3 jari seperti ketika pake cushion puff ga muat.


Tekstur bedaknya cukup finely milled, butirannya halus. Namun, jika pemakaiannya langsung bejibun sekaligus, jadinya malah ga terlalu rata, geser dan agak cakey. Selain itu yang memicu ini muncul adalah pelembab yang belum benar-benar terserap semua oleh kulit.

Cara saya pakai bedak ini yang pertama dengan brush, colek, tap off the excess di punggung tangan, lalu tepuk pelan-pelan ke wajah, dst.

Cara ke dua, dengan puff bawaannya, yaitu colek bedaknya secukupnya, lalu tepuk-tepuk di punggung tangan supaya jumlah produk yang nempel di puff tidak berlebihan, lalu tempel-tempel puff ke wajah, jangan diusap/digeser, tapping motion is a better way menurut saya. Diulang hingga seluruh wajah tercover bedak.

Coverage-nya is quite sheer, lebih cocok untuk setting powder kalau untuk saya. Mengingat kalo pakainya banyak-banyak justru jadi cakey. Shade Natural cocok untuk light medium skintone, dan undertone-nya kuning. Shade satunya lagi (saya lupa namanya Fair atau Ivory gitu) undertone-nya pink, sedangkan saya lebih cocok base makeup yang tone-nya kuning.

Untuk ketahanan, jika tidak untuk panas-panasan atau banyak berkeringat, akan bertahan cukup lama sekitar lebih dari 4 jam. Namun jika untuk berkeringat panas-panasan ya makin cepat ilangnya seiring makin sering dilap pake tisu.

Overall, bedak ini lumayan bagus, namun harganya agak terlalu tinggi apalagi untuk pemula dan remaja, mengingat dari wujud packaging dan pangsa pasarnya yang lebih untuk remaja dan young adult.
Sekian review singkat dari saya, terima kasih udah mampir dan baca.

See you next time!!
Reynata M.S.