Hada Labo Gokujyun Alpha Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream

Hello, back again with skincare review. I’ve finally decided to try this cream after I use the Lotion and Milk since many years ago. This line also have serum but I might try that later (also waiting for sale 😚😋).

Without further do, let’s start!


The packaging is so simple, just light weight plastic, 50ml but not too bulky, I kinda like it, save up so much space and reduce the weight of my suitcase when I bring it with me for travel.


I forgot to take a photo of the box, so sorry 😅.
This is license from Rohto Japan, so it’s not written in Japanese.
I got this around 8 dollars I believe, with 20% off.


It has inner lid, maybe to prevent from leaking, BUT… this cream in my opinion will not leaking at all.
Why? because it has a very very thick consistency. Even when I’m put it upside down like this, it doesn’t move at all.


Yes it is very sticky too, but after keep on patting and let it set for a few minutes, it’s not sticky anymore, and we can go to bed and have a nice sleep.

I usually use it in moderate amount after Lotion and Milk. If I use it too much, it gets harder to be absorb and it might be too rich for the skin.

I have dry skin so it really helps to moisturize my skin at night, and I gain no breakout.


You can always use spatula but because the diameter is really small for it, I usually just poke my clean finger in it. I know it’s not quite hygienic but putting spatula outside and exposed also not a good choice either.

Overall I love this night cream. Quite affordable with 50ml size jar (I hope they have a squeeze tube version, that would be more hygienic).
Really recommend for dry skin.

That’s all for my quick review. Hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.