Innisfree Olive Real Essential Oil EX

Hello guys… 🙋

Been a long time. I’m back with skin care review, I’ve been using this for several months, it’s been around 8 months, wow it last quite a long time for a 30ml size.

It’s Innisfree face oil. As I knew they do have some variant but I wanted to try the Olive Real Essential Oil first instead of Green Tea Seed Oil, the other face oil is Soybean Oil.


The packaging is a glass bottle with pipette like most of face oil or serum packaging.
It is convenient to use, but not to bring with while travelling.


I usually use 2-3 drops in the evening, sometimes in the morning too when my skin feels more dry than usual (I’m dry to normal skin).

Texture is quite light, easy to absorb even before putting on make up. Sometimes I mixed it with my cream moisturizer or with my foundation to get a more glowy and moisturized look.



The smell a bit annoy me and not my favourite. I don’t know what Olive’s scent should be, but this is smells like Citrus.
The smell dissapear tho after some seconds, but still, not my fave.

When I first get my hand on this , I feel like “30ml, I think I will use it up quite fast”, but apparently this is still last after 8 months of use, and I still have a quarter left.

The price around 23 dollars, if it last for 10 months then it will be like less than 3 dollars a month.

I like what it did to my skin on moisturizing a little longer and makes my skin look healthier and plump in the next morning.
It also doesn’t break me out, just remember guys, do not use it too much, 2-3 drops is enough ☺👍.

I want to try the soybean face oil. It’s on my wish list now.

That’s all for my quick review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thank you for reading.

Reynata M.S.