Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Hello July. How are you guys?
I want to review skincare, Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, which is raved by so many beauty enthusiast.

I decided to get my hands on this teeny weeny baby :mrgreen:, the mini size.
It cost me around 5 dollars.


It’s packaging is a plastic, while the full version is made of glass I believe. No spatula included.

Eventhough it’s really small, I only need a tiny bit of it on each use. A little goes a long way.
I use it at night before sleep.


I feel that my lips smoother and moisturised in the next morning, repair dry and cracked lips.
Some of the claim is it also able to make dark lips turn lighter. I don’t find it change my lips that way. It doesn’t change my dark lips into pinkish colour (maybe that  depends on our genetic too, correct me if I’m wrong ☺).

As I remember I already use it over one month (every night) and it still remain quite a lot. I think I can use this small size for some months.

Repurchase? Yes, but the mini size, small and easy to bring and store (doesn’t take up so much space).
A little goes a long way.
More hygienic and fresh because it’s in jar, if I use skincare in a jar for over a year, I feel that the product is not hygienic anymore and I think the performance also decrease.

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.