Peripera Peri’s Tint Balm no.2 Berry Pink

Hello hello…
Short explanation, I got this tinted lip balm or known as tint balm named Peripera Peri’s Tint Balm as a gift of purchase.
I got this in shade Berry Pink. It comes in a tin jar packaging.


The pigmentation is very sheer, it does give a little flush of color, but it’s more to the glossy thing rather than the opacity of the color.

Staying power average, but it gives a little bit of moisture feeling to the lips, eventho at first there’s a minty sensation right after I applied this to the lips.

Texture is quite creamy for digging over the product, but make sure you already sanitize your fingers in prior.

It is quite a lot of amount, can be used for daily, or as a subtitute of lip gloss.


That’s all for my review. Hope you guys find it useful, thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.


Revlon Lip Colours

Hello Revloners!
This post will be all about Revlon lip colours, eventho not entire line of their lip colours.

Recently I get my hands on these lip crayons.


Also the basic lipstick line (the black one).


First is the swatch of the Lacquer Balm in Provocateur. This is a sweet pinkish red with tiny gold shimmer, almost all of Lacquer Balm series has a shimmer to it.

Texture wise feels creamy and have a minty sensation (all of Revlon lip crayons have minty sensation).

Pigmentation is quite opaque, and buildable. Satin finished.

Staying power, I have to say is very bad. It’s really easily rubbed off. Even when I just drink my coffee, the color on the inner part of the lower lip is gone…

It does transfer, like most of lip colours out there, but not crazily staining the cup or straw or clothes or other person’s lips (oops).


I think this series feels more to tinted lipbalm, or lipbalm with opaque colours.

This one is also Lacquer Balm in Enticing which is darker, this one is a brownish red (brownies, mmm yummy~).


The next one is from the Matte Balm series, this in shade Audacious, which is a bright orange colour. The Balm Stain series also have this kind of colour, the shade is Rendezvous.

Texture is dry and matte (of course, it’s a Matte Balm). I personally don’t really like the texture, I do have dry lips, it has a tendency to stick on the dry part on the lips, and a bit hard to remove when it get stuck on the dry skin area.

Pigmentation is quite opaque.
Staying power is so so, a bit hard to blend because of its dry texture, it can get a little bit streaky.

It’s not easily transfer, but it cracks more and easier rather than the Laquer and Balm Stain series.

All of the lip crayon line have 2.7 grams.


Next is from Natural Wonder Series, I personally never heard this line before until the day when they’re doing year end sale.

The packaging is smaller than their usual average lipstick packaging, but the lipstick itself is still at the same amount, 4 grams.
I got this in shade no.4 Spice.

Texture is creamy and easy to spread and blend, but rubbed off easily too. Satin finished.

Staying power is poor, but the pigmentation is quite good and the color is somehow look pretty, not a totally pale nude lipstick.


This is the Balm Stain series in shade Cherish.
It’s cool toned blue based bubblegum pink. This kind of colour really doesn’t suit me.

Texture is creamy and moisturizing, satin finished.

Pigmentation is good, but I should swipe quite lots of layers to make the colour more opaque.

Staying power is the best compare to the other lip crayon line, Lacquer and Matte Balm. Balm Stain do have stain, so it’s not easily rubbed off (the stain layer).

I did a review on the Balm Stain in shade Honey before, and I love this colour. Please kindly Check This Out


The stain of Revlon Balm Stain Cherish :


I love mixing make up products, I did a layering the Cherish underneath and Audacious on top.
Warm up the Cherish, and toned down the Audacious, and make it feels more moist on lips.



One day, I tried this lipstick on beauty workshop event. This is from their famous lipstick line, Superlustrous.

Texture is matte, and pigmented. This shade is Fiery which is Orange.
I didn’t get a chance for the other shade to try out.

Staying power is quite good, unlike the Natural Wonder series.
As usual, this matte series feels a bit dry on lips.


That’s all for my swatch and review. Hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

Maxfactor Lipfinity Liquid Shade 335 Just In Love

Hello everyone. Today I’m gonna do a review about lip product, it’s a liquid lip color, I know, it’s been a hit lately, I found this and want to try it out how it goes.

As I knew this brand is based in UK, eventhough made in Ireland. This brand is Maxfactor, and what I’m about to review here is their Lipfinity Liquid Lip Color in shade 335 Just in Love. Here’s what it looks like.


It cames in two things, one is the liquid lip color, and the other one is a lip balm.



The applicator is fine, able to reach the edges of my lips, it is quite small in size in my opinion compare to other liquid lip color out there.

The lip balm itself smells a bit waxy, but it is great as a lip balm on its own, moisturize my lips, I kinda like it, but not paired with this liquid lip color.


The lip color itself, I personally don’t really like it. It is liquid-gel-like texture, easy to spread, but once it dries, it dries matte but feels so tight, feels like wearing a dry mask on my lips.

It also get brittle easily, you’re not allowed to press your lips against each other, or the product will start to peeled off and brittle.
Especially if you put in such quite thick layer, disaster will come to you faster.

When I’m applying it in thin layer, it looks better, but you’re still not allowed to press your lips.
I’ve tried to use it in thin layer and then top it off with watery type of lipbalm or tinted lipbalm, it decrease the brittle effect.

The lip balm that comes with, cannot really handle, it makes the product wiped off right away when you swipe the lip balm on top of the liquid lip color.


This is the swatch of the color, such a pretty deep raspberry color kind of thing, but the performance is just so poor.

I’m dissapointed with it, it feels useless, I’m not gonna repurchase this again, and also not recommended.
Better be bought their lipstick (stick form version) rather than this.

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful. Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

Bobbi Brown, Marc Reagan Manager of Artistry

Thanks to Bobbi Brown Indonesia, beberapa hari lalu saya dapat kesempatan untuk hang out dengan sosok penting dari Bobbi Brown; brand yang mempelopori produk-produk seperti Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner dan Shimmer Brick . Dia adalah Manager of Artistry dari Bobbi Brown, Marc Reagan.


          Wefie with Marc Reagan

He’s a nice Chinese-Irish guy , yang sudah berkarier di Bobbi Brown selama 11 tahun. “Seperti orang lain, aku mulai sebagai pegawai di counter Bobbi,” kata Marc dengan
humble. Namun, sekarang Marc menjadi sosok penting di Bobbi Brown, yang melatih MUA Bobbi Brown di seluruh dunia dan bahkan membantu Bobbi Brown herself untuk menciptakan produk-produk baru hingga mendandani selebriti.

Apa sih tugas dari seorang Manager of Artistry? Karena mungkin orang lebih familiar dengan jabatan Brand Manager, Creative Director dan sebagainya.
“ Really good question! Tugasku banyak, namun jabatanku ini berawal saat aku jadi manager tim kecil Bobbi Brown yang bertugas untuk keliling Amerika dan mengurus event-event nasional Bobbi Brown, termasuk bertugas di backstage fashion show.
Sekarang, aku mengatur fashion week , terbang ke berbagai negara untuk mengurus pasar international kami, melatih para MUA Bobbi Brown, dan mengembangkan program-program perusahaan. Aku juga masih bekerja langsung dengan Bobbi; seperti membantu dia mendandani Kate Upton untuk campaign tahun depan, dan tentu berbagai photo shoot .”



Ah I see. Kamu ikut membantu dalam pembuatan produk-produk Bobbi juga nggak?
“ Ah yes , itu juga! Aku ikut menentukan pembuatan shade-shade foundation Bobbi brown, juga tekstur dan finish- nya. I test products too, seperti eyeliner ini (menunjuk salah satu eyeliner Bobbi Brown di atas meja) aku ingat mengujinya tiga tahun lalu.
Tugasku banyak, and I don’t take that for granted , jadi kadang aku nggak ingat lagi job descriptions aku. Thanks for reminding me ya, ha ha ha…”

Anytime, Marc! Now tell me about the latest products , dan trend 2016 Bobbi Brown.
“Ini dia, Holiday Collection kami yang nggak hanya praktis dipakai tapi juga bagus untuk jadi hadiah. Holiday palette Bobbi Brown selalu laris, seperti Deluxe Cheek & Eye Palette ini. Isinya eyeshadow netral dan dua produk untuk pipi Bobbi Brown yang paling famous, yaitu satu blush warna natural dan warna pale pink yang bisa dipakai oleh semua tone kulit.


Bobbi Brown Deluxe Cheek & Eye Palette

Untuk 2016, misi kami adalah bagaimana setiap wanita, setiap skintone, bisa punya wajah glowy dan sehat. Jadi kami membuat rangkaian skincare Skin Perfectors. That’s very essential , namun kami juga menyiapkan sesuatu yang fun. You guys are going to have the most amazing lip formula coming in January , lipstik baru kita yang ringan di bibir tapi sangat strong pigmennya dengan
satin finish . Namanya Luxe Lip Color , dan akan ada 25 warna. They’re really amazing!”


Duh, jadi penasaran nih sama Luxe Lip! By the way , brand makeup sekarang kan sudah tambah banyak nih. Menurut kamu apa kekuatan bobbi brown, that sets it apart dari banjir brand-brand pendatang baru?
“Bobbi dimulai di tahun 1991 dengan konsep yang simpel banget: creating colors that look and feel like your skin . Bagi Bobbi, makeup itu tiga hal:
clean, fresh dan modern. Itu prinsip yang diulang-ulang terus oleh Bobbi. Dan dia selalu bilang kepada setiap MUA kami, dan dalam setiap interview -nya:
stay true to yourself. Banyak brand yang menjanjikan ‘ oh, this will transform you, make you look like Kim Kardashian’ , you know what i mean? Namun itu bukan value kami. Sampai hari ini kami masih mengajarkan MUA Bobbi Brown, makeup yang bagus adalah saat kamu melihat fotonya dan kamu nggak bisa menebak dari tahun berapa makeup itu berasal, karena artinya look itu
natural dan timeless.”

Setuju banget sama kamu. Apa lima produk rekomendasi kamu bagi setiap perempuan untuk mendapatkan timeless look itu?
“Pertama, pelembap. Something to plump your skin . Kedua, under eye concealer. Ini rahasia sepanjang masa Bobbi Brown untuk tampak fresh dalam seketika. Atau coba Skin Foundation Stick Bobbi Brown yang bisa kamu pakai untuk meratakan warna kulit secara keseluruhan, termasuk under eye. Ketiga, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge untuk pipi. Keempat, lipstik. Kelima, something for the eyes . Pilih saja antara eyeliner, maskara atau produk alis; apapun yang bisa membuat mata lebih
standout. If you can do all those five things, you will look put together all the time.”

Source : Female Daily

Lip Balm Addiction

Lip Balm Addiction

Female Daily

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Do You Have A Lip Balm Addiction?

by:  Denita  –  Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 at 1:10 pm

We all know that lip balm is the first aid for dry, chapped lips. But similar to any other addiction, lip balm addiction is actually not good for our lips!

First things first, let’s take a look at what does actually lip balm do. Lip balm itself is a wax-like substance which contains beeswax or carnauba wax, camphor, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, paraffin, and petrolatum as its basic ingredients. In addition to that, certain lip balms also contain dyes, flavor, fragrance, menthol, phenol, salicylic acid, and sunscreens (SPF). Lip balm provides an extra layer (also known as buffer layer) between the lips and the environment so that your lips will not be directly exposed to the environment. Why is this so important? Because lips only have thin surface layers of skin, which means that they’re more likely to dry out compared to the skin of the face, for instance. Which means, we can lose up to 10 times more moisture through the lips compared to other parts of the face and body. Certain conditions in the environment such as dry air, cold temperature, and wind can easily drain moisture away from the skin, including the body and lips, therefore can lead to dryness. In conclusion, our lips are very prone to dryness and dehydration. When the lips become dry and lose its moisture, the skin covering them can become tight and start to split, which makes your lips look chapped! (uhmm…not good!!!) In addition, when you have dry lips, dirt, bacteria or fungi will enter the cracks in the skin of the lips, therefore can cause…infection and your lips will be sore and inflamed (medical terms: cheilitis)! Okay, we know that big lips mean sexy, just look at Angelina Jolie! But when your lips are big due to inflammation plus it is painful as well, that is not sexy at all!

Let’s take a look at these pictures:

Normal lips vs. Chapped lips

Okay, it is obvious that we do not want to have chapped lips, right? In order to prevent that, we need an extra layer to keep the lips moist and does not dry out or lose moisture that fast. Let’s take a look to the anatomy of the lips:


Comparison between regular skin layers and lip skin layers. Notice the thickness and the arrangement of the layers

Look at the picture above. Regular skin layers have thicker epidermis which comprise of thick stratum corneum as the outermost protective layer, while the epidermis of the lips has the thinnest stratum corneum compared to elsewhere in the body and overall, epidermis is also thinner compared to the regular skin layer. In addition, lips do not possess sweat glands as the natural moisturizer of the skin, which makes them more prone to dryness.

When we wear lip balm, there will be an extra layer above our lips so that the moisture will be locked in and we can get extra hydration with the contents of the lip balm itself such as beneficial oils. The extra layer will also help to seal deep cracks and splits from infection and irritation, usually due to extreme weather condition. In addition, many lip balms nowadays contain SPF, which is good for protection against free radicals from the sun.

Here are the important ingredients of lip balm and its benefits:

Hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA, and glycerin: ensure your lips to stay moist
Petroleum, castor seed oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and squalane: nourish cracked lips
SPF: protect your lips from the sun
From those explanations, we can see that lip balm is very beneficial right? However, after searching about lip balm on Google, I stumbled upon Dr Oz’s video about lip balm addiction and why lip balm addiction (like any other addiction) is not good! We know that it has lots of benefits, right? But on the other hand, it has some drawbacks as well. So before I proceed, here are the signs of lip balm addiction:

Apply lip balm more than 3x a day
Have more than 1 lip balm
Keep lip balm in multiple places (e.g. purse, drawer, car, desk, etc.)
Why is lip balm addiction bad? Let’s go back to the thin layers of skin in the lips. Since the skin layer is very thin, the skin on the lips is designed to shed very quickly so that the new skin will come out and grow quickly as the old one shed away. If there is excessive extra layer above the lip, the old skin which is supposed to shed very quickly cannot be shed and the regeneration of the new skin is slowed down, therefore blocking the natural regeneration process of the lips. In the video, Dr. Oz described that if we apply lip balm rigorously, we are treating our lips like a croissant! If we cut a croissant in half, we can see that the inner portion of the croissant, which is crossing against each other. This is what happens if we block the natural regeneration process of the lips, the regeneration process will stop and the skin layers will look like the inside of a croissant cut in half. In addition, same as croissant, the outer layer will also become crusty and more chapped. Therefore, instead of protecting the lips, it can make our lips more chapped if we use it excessively!

So what should we do? Should we let our lips go nude without any protection against the environment? Of course not! We still have to nourish our lips to keep them moist and support their natural regeneration process. There are several things that we can do to prevent our lips from drying while still keeping the regeneration process intact.

Use lip balm which is rich in natural ingredients such as shea butter, lanolin, and coconut oil. Those are the best moisturizers for our lips and they are natural as well! Coconut oil also acts as a natural sunscreen and it is non-irritating as well. It is also available in natural or raw form and you can apply it directly on your lips using cotton buds just like in Dr. Oz’s video. In addition, try to limit using lip balms with preservative, flavor, and fragrance since they contain more chemical or artificial-made substances which can induce allergic reactions.
Do not bite your lips! This is a big no-no! I know for some people it’s a habit which is very difficult to erase and sometimes we do it automatically, but biting your lips will only make your lips drier! This will only make the lips bleed and heal more slowly. Normally, lips possess thin oily film on their surface that provides natural protection against moisture loss. However, due to excessive lip biting or licking habits, the thin oily film can be removed and cause the lips to become chapped. I know it’s very tempting to lick the lips when it is dry, but the saliva can easily evaporate thus making it drier. In addition, when the lips bleed because of excessive biting, it will leave the surface open and bacteria, virus, or fungi can easily enter the skin and will cause infection.

Do not apply lip balm excessively to preserve the natural regeneration process. Once or twice daily is enough and if you are at home, try to keep it natural by not wearing lip balm at all to support its natural regeneration process.
Drink more water! Again, water is very essential and since lips are prone to hydration loss, better to keep it hydrated. Rather than licking or biting your lips when they are dry, it is better to just drink water to hydrate your body in a whole.

Avoid using lip balm in a pot! Using lip balm in a pot is more infectious since repeatedly dipping your finger into the balm can introduce bacteria, unless you know how to keep it clean all the time. It is better to use lip balm in sticks or if you are too comfortable with your lip balm which is only available in pot form, use applicator or cotton bud to apply it on your lips instead of using your finger.
So, how about you? Do you have lip balm addiction? Now that we all know the function of a lip balm and what to look in a lip balm, don’t forget to choose your lip balm wisely and use it properly to get healthy and beautiful lips!


Face on Face & Rivera Eyeshadow & Rivera Lipstick

Halo… saya kembali lagi dengan review produk kecantikan lokal. Kali ini dari brand Face on Face by Rohto, dan Rivera (seri profesional dari sister brandnya yaitu Fanbo). Dua-duanya saya beli di Jopankar di Facebook.

Face on Face eyeshadow Natural Glow harganya sekitar IDR 35.000, packagingnya pink pucat dengan tutup transparan dengan spons aplikator double ended. Mirip packagingnya Viva.

Warna eyeshadow Face on Face di trio palet ini semuanya satin finished, warnanya wearable untuk sehari-hari, cukup pigmented (terutama yang warna gelap) dan blendable. Akan lebih tahan lama kalo pake eyeshadow primer.


Rivera lipstik warna 05 Innocent Pink harganya kalo nggak salah sekitar 48 ribu, packagingnya biru glossy, ada print gambar bunga di atas tutupnya meski nggak emboss (nongol di permukaan).

Berikutnya adalah Rivera eyeshadow warna no.3 Passion Lavender. Packagingnya sama persis dengan blushnya, kadang agak bingung ketika akan ngambil. Harganya juga sama IDR 48.000.


Aroma dan teksturnya mirip dengan BH Cosmetics, yang warna pink dan bawahnya, atau dua warna di sisi kiri, pigmentasi warnanya agak kurang, harus agak diusrek eyeshadownya kalo ingin lebih pigmented, kalo cuma dicocol doank sheer banget, ketika diblend juga makin samar warnanya.


Namun untuk warna ungu dan dark greyish purple atau 2 warna di sebelah kanan, dua ini lebih pigmented warnanya.
Semua warnanya cukup blendable, untuk staying power so-so aja sih, apalagi saya bukan tipikal yang pake eyeshadow primer.



Lipstik Rivera warnanya cool toned baby pink, jadi agak kurang cocok dengan skintone saya yang warm yellow undertone. Jadi saya memakainya dicampur dengan warna lain yang lebih warm. Satiny finished, nggak terlalu glossy tapi juga nggak matte. Cukup pigmented, staying power ya standard lipstik pada umumnya.




Yup, sekian review dari saya kali ini, semoga bermanfaat, terima kasih sudah mampir dan membaca artikel saya.
Reynata M.S.