The Balm and LT Pro Liquid Lip Colour Matte

Hello. How are you guys in this May? May all the good things come to your life ☺.

Okay, now back to the topic. I haven’t reviewing any liquid lipstick/lip matte before (eventho I only have two), but anyway I want to give review about the products.


The first one I have is The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in shade Committed. I got this around 15 dollars.

The second one is a local brand LT Pro Long Lasting Matte Lip Cream in shade number 5. I got this as a birthday gift from my sister.
As I knew the price is around 7 dollars.




The Balm have a creamy texture and will set into a matte finish after around 15 seconds (more or less).
The scent is a sweet cookie or candy (not sure, but it is sweet).

Pigmentation is really good, I use it in a thin layer, that works better for my dry lips.
I put a first thin layer, press my lips together and then blot it with tissue, repeat the second layer, press my lips together and blot again with tissue, and then let it dry and set into a matte finish.
This will create a better and smoother surface thin layer.

Staying power is quite good if it’s dealing with water, but if it’s oily food then it might fading (remember, makeup remover usually have an oil too to remove waterproof make up, right?).


Sorry for the veins. I don’t why it’s that obvious (my friends said I’m quite “transparent” 😑:?)

LT Pro have more powdery texture rather than creamy. The scent is kinda sweet but not too sweet either. It set into a matte finish quite fast, less than 10 seconds I guess. It feels like a different result on lips for a liquid lip colour, I’ve tried some from other brands too (but it’s my friend’s stuff 😄), and most of them have a similar texture with the balm, while this one is more powdery, even when I touch it with my finger, it feels literally powdery but thin layers, doesn’t feel too thick or heavy.

Pigmentation is quite good, usually lighter colour have a bad pigmentation while this one is quite pigmented, it also good a base colour before putting on a bold colour.

Staying power is so so in my opinion, but we can always do touch up, right?

Overall, I love these two, both when I wear it alone or mix it with another colour or another product.
That’s all for my quick review.
Hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.