L’oreal Mat Magique BB Essence

Hello again.
I almost forgot about this product. I wonder about this product because the wand is in unique shape, but to me apparently it became a bad thing.
Here’s the look :


It is quite small, but made of glass so it’s heavier than BB or CC cream packaging.


Here’s the wand, pointy wand, but the problem is the foundation itself is very liquidy, and I can’t get enough amount if I use the wand, I ended up have to pour it anyway.


Shake the bottle before using it, it’s a transparent liquid at the top and the foundation underneath.
Once it set, it turn out to be powdery finish.


For dry skin, it’s not that moisturizing, and I have to blend it immediately before it sets on my skin.

Sheer coverage, it feels lightweight for everyday use but unfortunately it makes me got a breakout.

That’s all for my short review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.