Review Silicone Sponge and Beauty Blender

Hello guys. So, the reason why I review two make up tools is because I want to compare the Silicone Sponge (Silisponge) who’ve become hitz recently.

I compare it with Beauty Blender (BB) because BB is still the king of make up tool (as I knew), even when there are lots of great dupes out there.

I decided to bought Silisponge recently, not the pioneer one, it considered as the dupe, but it’s the pure flexible silicone, not the stiff plasticky one.

Okay, here is the look of them :


I choose the clear silisponge with colourful glitters in it. It cost me around 5 dollars, while BB cost me around 20 dollars.

Some people said that some of silisponge dupes are stiff and not flexible at all, because too much plastic in it.
While mine is nothing like that at all. It’s flexible and the texture feels like jelly (bouncy and able to be folded).


I use BB on the right part of my face and Silisponge on the other side. The result is surprisingly similar :mrgreen:. (No filter and no beauty apps, sorry for the dark circles and anything there 😌😅).


Here is the result using Beauty Blender :


Here is the result using Silicone Sponge :


Pros Silicone Sponge :
+ Easy to use
+ Easy to clean
+ Hygienic
+ Flawless result
+ Not absorb product
+ Affordable pricetag

Pros Beauty Blender :
+ Easy to use
+ Flawless result
+ Easy to get into hard to reach area

Cons Silicone Sponge :
– Cannot really reach the curve at the side of nose
– The grip of holding it might be not really comfortable for some people considering the shape is flat

Cons Beauty Blender :
– Pricey
– Have to wet it in prior before use (for best result)
– Absorb product
– A bit hard to clean

That’s all for my quick review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.